What’s Happening at Grace?

October 26, 2014

REMINDER—This is just a friendly reminder that when you have coffee, a donut, water, etc., from the Refreshment Table on Sundays at Albiani, please remember to add some $$ to the donation basket, if you’re able to do so-thanks!

2015 PROPOSED BUDGET SUMMARY—Copies will be available this Sunday, October 26th at the Info table. On Tuesday, November 4th at 7:00pm, all present will receive a copy of the proposed budget and have an opportunity to discuss it at an Open Forum at the church office (This is “Vote Day,” so please vote first!). Our Annual Business meeting will take place on Sunday, November 9th.

IMPORTANT OUTREACH ANNOUNCEMENT—This year we would like all of you to participate in handing out a special invitation to the families that come to your door on Halloween night. Last Sunday we handed out most of the prepared gift bags with 3 remaining that may be picked up at the table outside the doors this Sunday. If you want more, we can provide you with tracts & invitations (There are a few gift bags left.) You will need to purchase gift bags (Hobby Lobby has plenty) and either microwaveable popcorn or Tootsie Pops (or you may use whatever candy you may have already purchased). Please do not pop the popcorn. You will be putting either the popcorn package or candy into the bags with a tract & invitation. By handing them out to the “Trick or Treaters,” Grace Church’s name and information will go into the homes of thousands of neighbors/families in Elk Grove, Sacramento, Wilton & Galt. Let’s turn a night of darkness into an opportunity to lead these families to the Light of Jesus Christ.

LOCAL VOTER GUIDES—These guides will be at the Information table on Sunday, and for judge information, you may go to www.judgevoterguide.com.

CALLING T.H.I.S. YOUTH (6th-12th)—NO Youth gathering this Sunday, October 26th. Spend time with your families!

ANNUAL BUDGET BUSINESS MEETING—November 9th, after church and lunch, is our annual business meeting to vote on the 2015 church budget. We have a copy of a proposed summarized budget available on the Information table this Sunday, so please pick one up before you leave!

SALAD MINISTERS—Your gifts are needed for the business meeting lunch on November 9th. We need 10 large (to feed 12) salads; the church will provide the remaining food.

FAMILY FIRST SUNDAY, COMMUNION & BENEVOLENT OFFERING—On Sunday, November 2nd, ages Kindergarten through adult will meet together in the main service to take communion together, to celebrate our Lord’s sacrifice of love for us. A benevolent offering will be taken at the end of the service.

COMMUNICATION CARDS—If you are a visitor, please fill out your communication card and take it to our “Visitor Table” by the front entrance doors   to receive a free gift.

LADIES RETREAT—Come and experience the refreshment of mind, body and soul in the presence of Jesus. Grace Church ladies will be gathering for the Spring Women’s Retreat at Mt. Hermon on March 20-22, 2015. Registration is now open online or by telephone ($75 deposit required). Register early before it fills up! To learn more, please come to the Information table this Sunday, or call the office at 916-714-3444.

PRAYER CONNECTION—If you would like to be included in our weekly email prayer connection, please place your email on your communication card, letting us know your desire, or call/email us your request at 916-714-3444 or gracechurch4him@gmail.com.

REMINDER—On Sunday mornings, right after our worship time, about 10:15am, grades 6 through 8 meet in Room MF7 for a Sunday school class. Every first Sunday of the month (Family First), the class does not meet.