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Effective Small Groups, Part 3

by Jed Brown

In the last post, I said three triads are necessary for a group to be effective, properly defined. I want to define those “triads” here: Word, Prayer and Fellowship: By “Word”, I mean the group pursues spiritually significant conversations, around and out of the Bible. Perhaps this means simply discussing the prior week’s sermon. But […]

Effective Small Groups, Part 2

by Jed Brown

What is an effective small group? This is the question we’re exploring in this series of posts.  Now, as with any group, inside or outside the church, there is a pooling of something, when you get people together. Lots of churches have floundered on the rocky shoals of believing that if you just throw some […]

Effective Small Groups

by Jed Brown

What’s a small group for? Briefly, to be a channel of grace flowing, from God, to each member of the group. And from each member of the group. What everyone needs most is grace, from God – everyone IN the group, and OUTSIDE the group. This series of posts will elaborate on effective groups, starting […]