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March 3, 2020
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Responding to the Intolerance of Tolerance

It has been well-documented by others that what’s called “tolerance” these days is actually a form of intolerance. (See D. A. Carson’s excellent book, “The Intolerance of Tolerance”.) The word “tolerance” has been highjacked by our culture and totally turned for a use completely antithetical to its definiton.  You see this in calls to accept […]

Up All Night, to Bear Good Fruit

Luke’s record of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Luke 12) – probably preached by the Lord in more than one more place and time – directs us helpfully, in our church’s present season.  First, we see the singular importance of prayer. Jesus prays all night – v. 12 – just before making the big decision of […]

Exodus 2

Sometimes small details in Scripture point us to vast vistas of God’s work. One such place is in Exodus 2. In verse 1, the writer notes that Moses comes from the priestly tribe, the Levites. Moses was born a priest. As the story unfolds, he continues serving as priest – repeatedly interceding on behalf of […]

Mark 15

As D. A. Carson notes, everyone in this chapter speaks better than they know. What do they say, about Jesus? He is . . . The King of the Jews, of Israel, of God’s people. 2, 16-20, 26 Like a sheep led to the slaughter, opening not his mouth – see Isaiah 53. 5 The […]

“Bringing Back Feminine Energy”

The strangest moment in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy comes at the end, when Frodo and Sam return to the Shire. They’ve vanquished foes far more powerful than themselves and experienced fantastic adventures.  But when they enter the Shire, they realize there’s another battle to be won, on the homefront. Selfish, abusive hobbits have […]